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  1. In case register user/Customer unsatisfied with our service, forward us an email with your relevant Details like application number, payment receipt and reason for refund to and we shall do our best to resolve the same.
  2. Refund Amount will transfer to Indian bank account only. Refund process will take minimum of 7-10 working days.
  3. If supporting documents of application found to be FAKE/ FORGED/ALTERED/ TAMPERED on the time of submission to University/College, such application do not get Refund amount. University may take legal necessary step.
  4. If cancellation/rejection of application, before submission of application to University/ institution. Cancellation Fee up Rs.1000/- of Service Fee will be deducted and GST applicable.
  5. If cancellation/rejection of application, after the submission of application to University/ institution. There will not be any refund University Fee paid to University/institution not is refunded as well.
  6. In case the university/college authorities ask for applicant’s contact information due to any reason, we will be bind to disclose the same.
  7. If applicable GST paid is non-refundable in case of application cancellation for any reason.
  8. Application hold due to lack of information or providing incomplete supporting documents / Fake documents or any other reason, after the submission of documents to university such application will get closed automatically after 2 months. No refunds shall be applicable in such a case.
  9. The Expecting date or time of estimation given is based on the historical data or past experience of delivery times by the educational institutes. Estimate time Complete depends on University, it may vary due any reason.
  10. After processing the documents and collection of Education Records from the University/ institution, If it is not collected by the client/applicant within 2 month due to any reasons, No refunds shall be applicable in such a case.
  11. ARUM ACADEMY is not being responsible for any lost, misplaced or damaged after the dispatch and sharing the tracking of courier/postal service of your/client Education records. It is respective to courier/postal company policies and be applicable in any such case.
  12. ARUM ACADEMY will not be responsible for any loss or damage to official transcript or attestation of mark sheet and degree certificate. Due to any mistakes by university/postal error/accidents/thefts/natural calamity etc. Reprocessing of application for such cases will require re-payment of service charges and university fees by the Client/user.
  13. If paid amount of service charges, GST and University Fee by user/you due to technical issues or any other reason is less than the actual Fees, ARUM ACADEMY will ask the user to pay the additional amount.
  14. The prices are subject to change without notice.
  15. ARUM ACADEMY reserves all the rights to reject any application/refuse Service to anyone for any reason are without giving any reasons at any time. No amount will be refunded on that case.