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Attestation in India – The Definitive Guide

Documents of all types require proofing of some kind. This could be required at different places in different manners. Issuing a paper is easy and anyone would do it but some necessarily need credibility, the best example for proving this point would be a currency note. A piece of paper has such high significance just because of the print on it. Any kind of paper earns genuineness with a stamp and /or signature on it.

Document attestation is simply the authentication of documents that is mandatory for various purposes. Attestation in India can be of various types, at times for local use it requires self-attestation while at other times, it is mandated from the highest authority like the central government. Attestation of documents shall provide a document certain immunity to be accepted in different parts of the nation or abroad. This type of certificate attestation can be for local use or at times for the national or international cause.

What is attestation?

Attestation meaning can be interpreted as a demonstration of proof of something. It is more of a legal term that deals with the lawfulness of evidence, a statement, or a document or certificate. It is provided in form of stamps and signatures when one believes in the authenticity of the entity. An attestation of any document or paperwork will let the demandant know that the copy of the original document is credible and can be trusted. It is a formality by the law helping the legitimacy of the material.



What is certificate attestation?

The process to attest certificates from authority is called as certificate attestation . It is obtaining the necessary seal or signature from the concerned officials on your certificate to ratify its credibility. There are more than one authority and formalities present in this process. Each of these authorities provides a stamp of its own on the backside of the document. This process is generally followed for a degree certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, medical certificate, and other certificate attestation courses. It can be done on any type of certificate i.e. personal, educational, commercial.


What does ‘attestation of documents’ mean?

Attestation of documents means the legalization of significant documents so as to make them admissible to the authority that demands them. Document attestation is carried out for three different types of documents, namely, personal, educational, and commercial. All these documents are classified on the basis of the information they possess. Sometimes the authentication of documents needs to be done by multiple authorities to prove the genuinity of the document.

Why is attestation required?

An attestation certificate or document is required for a variety of reasons which could be intrinsic or extrinsic to the nation. It could be required for judicial purposes like submission of important evidence or non-judicial reasons like opening a bank account, obtaining a visa, or performing business overseas. There are visas of all sorts like employment visa, student visas, residential visas,s, and others that require the legalization of documents of different types. For commercial documents, it is required at the time of doing business abroad or bringing in the business from the foreign.

Who can attest to documents?

Depending on the need, there is a discrete set of individuals who have the power to attest documents. In some cases, self-attestation is enough while for others, certificate attestation from the government officials is obligatory. Attesting documents for visa, authorized departments that comprise the process are the Notary, State, Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy of the respective country. However, document certification for UAE attestation, Qatar attestation, Saudi attestation, and other Gulf countries mandates an additional verification from the country of destination called Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation. This is done in the country that is to be visited by the officials available at the government organization.


What are the types of attestation?

There are different types of document attestation in India for different reasons. Some of the types are listed below:

  • Notary Attestation:

    Attestation by a notary is carried out before all other processes comprising the authentication of documents. It is obtained from the local notary, mostly in the form of a signature. It is the most basic requirement of any law-related legalization process.

  • Home Department Attestation:

    Home Department is exclusive to attests personal documents and the officials are the only ones allowed to attest personal documents, this includes marriage certificate, death certificate.

  • HRD Attestation:

    HRD or Human Resource Department is the state organization that solely attests the educational documents and certificates. It is another important procedure to demonstrate the authenticity of your academic history to your employer or the university you next being admitted to. University verification is compulsory for this part of the attestation.

  • SDM Attestation:

    The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is an alternative for the Home Department and in rare cases, for HRD as well. However, some authorities strictly mandate HRD attestation for educational documents. Sub-Divisional Magistrate is independent of the main state government and performs separately.

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

    Chamber of Commerce is an organization of the local businessmen and authentication from this organization is the initial step for the commercial document attestation. Commercial documents are proof that your entrepreneurship is legitimate and hence, commercial document legalization helps in proving the same.

  • MEA Attestation:

    MEA or Ministry of External Affairs attestation is the last level of authentication from the home government after which an MEA stamp or sticker is applied on the document. MEA is the central department that deals with the foreign matters of the country and elects a minister every half a decade.

  • Embassy Attestation:

    It is performed by the officials of the respective country the documents are being attested for. For instance, the embassy of UAE performs the UAE embassy attestation process. It is performed by the officials from the country of destination in the country of harbor.

  • Apostille Attestation:

    It is a process which is carried by MEA out for the countries that a part of the Apostille Hague Convention. When the authentication is confirmed, an apostille sticker on the document is given. Generally, there is no need for any additional foreign verification for apostille.


What is the process of certificate attestation?

The process varies from document to document. There are three types of documents and hence, three different procedures.


Personal Document Attestation

Attesting documents and certificates that are personal, is called as personal document attestation. This is required in visa processes like obtaining a short-term or long-term residential visa.

Educational Document Attestation

The documents and certificates that comprise of your academic data are called as educational documents and the legalization of these documents, like degree certificates, is called an educational document attestation.


Depending on the origin or type of the document, the procedure for the attestation of educational certificates will vary. Following are given the different procedures that are specific to the place of issuance of the document and its kind.
As per the Embassy requirement where HRD compulsory.

Commercial Document Attestation


Commercial documents are the documents and certificates related to your business capital. Commercial document attestation is the process of attesting these documents.


What are the attestation services?

Attestation services are the firms that render services for the authentication of documents getting through to the departments in charge. The services have facilities and expert staff that ensure performing the legalization with authenticity. The services consult the customers who require certificate attestation of their documents and perform the procedure on their behalf. Although, at times the individual presence of the one looking for authentication is required, for instance, it is required during HRD attestation. You must look for genuine and experienced certificate attestation services in India.

How to get document attestation in India?

Document attestation in India is an indirect procedure and should be done after understanding all the details about it thoroughly. To get document attestation in India, it’s convenient to approach the certificate attestation agents so that the legalization is done faster without any hassle.

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