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With over 7 yrs. of experience and achievements in the field of the educational consultancy sector and handle the extreme counseling services for various educational institutions across India as well as overseas. We provide accurate information to help you become a successful student and complete your studies on time and also offer individual advising sessions to current students to answer your questions about College of Education degree programs, course selection, graduation, and much more. We had begun with offering admission in traditional courses BA, BCOM but now we counseling IT, Management, Engineering and medical courses in reputed universities, colleges, and institutions in India or overseas.

There is a number of students in India who have discontinued or dropouts in studies due to some reasons. They are disappointed about their studies because they are not aware of graduation in one year, a degree in one year, fast track courses, and a single sitting program through a lateral entry or credit transfer mode. We counsel those students to save their gaps years and complete studies in short terms. They can do BA, BCOM, BBA, B.Tech, B.Sc., B.Sc. (IT), BCA, MA, MCOM, MBA, M.Tech, M.Sc., M.Sc. (IT), and MCA in one year or fast track mode.

We aim at helping students in every possible manner so that overseas education is not a distant dream for them but a reality. With the world becoming a global hub, integration of economies, and globalization, overseas education has become the need of the hour for many aspiring students.

We aim at bridging the gap in what you have and what you can achieve. We are associated with some of the most reputed government-funded institutes in Russia. Each and every student enrolled with us is given utmost importance and the counselors shortlist the course and the university depending on the personal goals and choices of the student. More and more educational institutions from Europe, Australia, and the US are approaching us for sending students to their colleges and universities but so far we are very pleased to be associated with promoting higher education from Russia in India.